About Medijobs

With over 13 years experience in medical recruitment, Medijobs Australia has long-standing relationships with leaders in Australian Health, Aged Care, Occupational Rehabilitation, Community, Medical and Biotech (HMB) organisations and Australia’s most talented medical professionals. Whether you’re an employer looking for your next team member or a job seeker looking for your next great role, we’re here to help.

Our expert recruitment consultants have thorough knowledge of their specialty areas. We’re honest and direct and use the latest job-boards, social media and modern software to ensure we’re giving you the best service possible. But we’re old-fashioned in one respect: we’re very serious about getting to know our candidates and employers. This ensures they’re a great match for each other in skill, opportunity and personality.

Many of our employers have worked with us for over a decade. We’ve grown and learnt from each other along the way. We’ve developed a trust and rapport that makes working together a pleasure. Over the years we’ve customised our process to ensure that we match the right candidates with the right roles. We use current best-practice to improve our service delivery.

The Medijobs Australia Care Process

Whether you’re an employer, job seeker or just interested in knowing more about employment opportunities in the medical industry – we’d love to help.