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Allied Health workers: Interview now, start in 2023

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Believe it or not, we’ve been placing candidates for 2023 since August!


It used to be that people would look for a new job in the new year around November, so they can resign in December, enjoy a few weeks off, and then start again in January.


In 2022, this is happening in August!


Workers like you don’t want a few weeks off, they want a few months!


And why not – it’s been a hectic few years, especially in Allied Health.


Maybe you’re a Graduate and you want the summer off after exams.


Maybe you need a mental health break, maybe you’d like to travel, maybe you’re relocating from overseas or interstate – whatever the reason, it’s completely OK to take a break.


The thing is, your break will be far more relaxing and enjoyable if you know you have a role to go into when you’re done.


Or maybe you want to keep working for the next few months but know that in the New Year you’ll be looking to start somewhere fresh. Between us – we’ve had a few people admit they’re keen to collect their December bonuses and move on.


Many employers are supportive

Whatever the reason, if you’ve got plans to start in 2023, then we have employers who are looking to employ active job seekers in 2023.


These are growth roles with employers who look at their hiring with a long-term perspective. They’re committed to you and positive towards your need to start in 2023, for whatever reason.


How do we know? We’ve partnered with these employers for years (don’t forget, we have nearly 20 years in the industry); we have relationships with them. We know these employers and have placed multiple employees with them.


If this all sounds tempting but you just cannot take on any more mental load right now, picture this: interview now, get offers on the table and spend the rest of the year in a relaxed frame of mind knowing you’ve got something in the bag.


Sounds amazing!


If you think you’d like to start a new role 2023, get in touch! We’ll make the process of finding the right employer who supports a healthy, balanced approach to work easy.

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