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Didn't get that job you really wanted?


Friday, September 25, 2020

What did they say?

Not enough experience: Thank them for the interview and ask to be kept in mind for future jobs. Why? Always leave the door open with your dream employer, always.

Be a Yeti: Be resilient and manage your expectations. Apply for junior roles if you are not suited to senior positions, Yet.

Not the right fit: You can over-think this or brush it off and move on.  

Didn’t prepare | Gave inappropriate answers: Familiarise yourself with their website, their services and the job description. Ask your recruiter for interview preparation assistance.

Dropped a clanger: You “forgot” to mention you’ve lost your Drivers Licence and you need it for this job? Be upfront. Give the employer the option to accommodate you, if they can.

Not well presented: Put your best business suit / smart casual attire on - period.

Over-qualified: Edit your CV to emphasise relevant experience.

Showed up late | Didn’t show up: Let the employer know if you’re running late | withdrawing from an interview. Ghosting is so yesterday.


You control your job-search | Action feedback | Change your job-seeking strategy | Get help from a professional recruitment agency | At Medijobs Australia, finding you an Allied Health job is our job | Make best use of the resources at hand.

All the best!

Team MediJobs