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Monday, February 18, 2019

Are you hiring a health professional? Before you proceed to the interview stage, we recommend that you check the following.

AHPRA: In most cases, the candidate will have full AHPRA registration. Alternatively, you could find they: Have conditions on their registration / Are suspended / Are deregistered. If so, proceed as per AHPRA’s advisory and as per statutory requirements.

PROFESSIONAL BODY: If the candidate does not require AHPRA Registration (For instance, Rehab Counsellors can register with ASORC / RCAA: Exercise Physiologists can register with ESSA), then make sure that they are a member of their Professional Body if this is relevant to your role.

VISA: Does your candidate have the appropriate work permission as per their Residency Status, i.e. A work Visa / Permanent Residency / Temporary Residency / Citizenship? Ask the candidate to present their passport and photocopy the relevant residency status page with their permission.

DEGREE: Ask to sight the original copy of each degree. You can photocopy these with the candidate’s permission.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Ask to sight the original copy of each Professional Development course undertaken that is relevant to the role you are seeking to fill. Photocopy these with the candidate’s permission.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Check out their profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

GOOGLE: What pops up when you Google them?  

PROFESSIONAL REFERENCE CHECKS: Speak to at least two of the most recent Managers that the candidate directly reported to. This is an essential step in the decision-making process.

PROBITY CHECKS: If your role involves dealing with sensitive data, then we highly recommend undertaking a Police Check of the shortlisted candidate. You can make an offer conditional on the outcome of the Probity Check.

WORKING WITH CHILDREN CHECK: If your role involves working with a paediatric population, then we highly recommend asking to sight all the relevant Working with Children checks.

If you have performed all of the above checks and are happy with the results, then go ahead and make an Offer to your short-listed candidate. We wish you all the best with your recruitment process.